Programs and Majors

Know what you want to study? With 65 undergraduate degree programs and many additional minors and specializations, we have what you’re looking for—and top scholars with whom to study.

Not sure yet? Look into our Academic Pathways Advising Program, where undeclared students spend up to two years building a foundation in the liberal arts and exploring their academic interests. You won’t get lost in the shuffle and find yourself spending more time—and more money—to get the right degree. That’s one of the benefits of a personalized education, with ready access to advisors, faculty, and courses.

So go ahead. Explore, discover, and choose. We’ll open up doors for your education and beyond.

Programs and Majors:

Programs indicated with an asterisk are offered as both a major and a minor.


Majors indicated with an asterisk in the list above are offered as minors as well. The following programs are available as minors only: